Can a 4 Year Old Beat the Experts?

For those who have read our predictions, we thought we'd keep ourselves - and all the other pundits out there - honest by asking my four year old daughter to give us her picks for each round of this year's playoffs.

Her method, which involved sitting on the couch with a pencil crayon and giant piece of paper, was a heck of a lot more efficient than ours, which involved a lot of data collection and gobs of math.  So let's see what she came up with for the first round...

1.  Canadiens beat Senators

2.  Lightning beat Red Wings

3.  Penguins beat Rangers

4.  Islanders beat Capitals

5.  Blues beat Wild

6.  Blackhawks beat Predators

7.  Ducks beat Jets

8.  Canucks beat Flames



  1. paul's Gravatar paul
    April 17, 2015    

    Can you provide more of the rational behind the decisions? I'd like to understand how a 4 year old makes the call. For example, a jet is clearly faster than a duck, but is the duck 'nicer' so it wins?

    • Ian Cooper's Gravatar Ian Cooper
      April 23, 2015    

      The methodology is pretty simple: I give her both teams' names and she decides which one she likes better. Currently she's looking like a genius with those Ducks!

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