Monthly archives for March, 2014

More on the Hit Parade: The Good Stuff

There were a couple of requests to see more about the regressions that were run. So here it is. First, I should mention that the kind of regression that is run is called a probit regression. The variable we’re trying to explain is wins, so it can only take on two values - 1 if […]

The Hit Parade: More on the Relationship between Hitting and Winning

This week’s Star column looked at the relationship between hitting and winning. Several articles have already been written on this topic in the advanced stats community, but somehow the analyses generally seem to fall short in what seemed like a rather obvious way. This piece set out to correct this oversight. This week, I need […]

The Department of Hockey Analytics on SiriusXM

A few weeks ago we were interviewed with Darryl Metcalf from on The War Room with Mick Kern and Peter Berce on the NHL Network on SiriusXM.  You can listen to a recording of the interview here:

Why Some Guys Miss the Net More Often

In today’s Toronto Star article (, I talked about Sh% and why it doesn’t tell us enough about how good players are at turning scoring opportunities into goals.  Specifically, I pointed out that Sh% excludes shots that never make it to the net because they’re either blocked or miss entirely. At one extreme of the […]

Living Large and in the Past: More on Size in the NHL

This week’s piece in The Star looked at the effect (if any) of a player’s size on his own performance and that of his teammates. Unfortunately, space constraints prevented us from going into as much detail as we would have liked. To that end, I would like to give a more thorough explanation of what […]