Can a 4 Year Old and a 6 Year Old Beat the Experts - Round 3

They say children are the future, and in the case of our contest this year, youth certainly seems to be a virtue, as the winner in round two was my 4 year old, with a 3-1 record vs. 2-2 for the rest of us.

Here are the picks for this round.  Given that we all like the same teams, Round 3 will be a push regardless of who wins!


4 Year Old:

1.  Penguins beat Senators

2.  Ducks beat Predators


6 Year Old:

1.  Penguins beat Senators

2.  Ducks beat Predators

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  1. May 16, 2017    

    yes they can ..the new generation is much more talented than the our generation

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