We’re here to tell you what’s real when it comes to the world of hockey.  Don’t believe your eyes, the pundits or your next door neighbour.   Believe us.


  1. January 24, 2014    

    That's a pretty bold statement. Why should I believe anything you say?

  2. January 24, 2014    

    Also your article about padding stats is dumb. Good players score more goals against bad teams because those teams are easier to score goals on. If they didn't score those goals they wouldn't make the playoffs and they wouldn't be good players.

    • February 6, 2014    

      also what's tougher... top line on a bad team or bottom line on a good team

      plus, Ovi has played in SE for whole career... he's seeing more bad teams

  3. Brent's Gravatar Brent
    April 29, 2016    

    Lovely to see your site, as I am interested in stats, and do a lot of tracking for a recreational ball hockey league that I run.

    I would appreciate you defining some of your stats (perhaps they are defined, but I cannot seem to locate it on your site).

    HDSC = high danger scoring chance. I get it, I think, but does this mean:
    A breakaway (yes)
    A two on one (possibly)
    A player with a one-timer from the high slot with no defenceman screening / blocking, even if the shot misses the net (possibly)
    A three on two, then one defenceman falls down a the blue line and the rush goes past him (yes)
    A scramble in front of the net, with the puck loose right outside the crease and two attackers in the immediate vicinity (possibly)

    In my Saturday morning 90 min recreational games of four-on-four ball hockey, I track and email out to all my players after every game, all per player:
    wins / losses
    PP goals
    PP assists
    SH goals
    SH assists
    Game Winning goals
    penalty minutes
    Plus minus
    Shots on net per goaltender
    Blocked shots
    Faceoffs taken / lost and win %
    Shots on net taken per player (and therefore shooting accuracy %)

    Cannot think of a stat to add to this, other than perhaps 'shots attempted'.

    Excellent work, gentlemen.

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